Preserving History

PinnaclesRLThe Civilian Conservation Corps was instrumental in building much of America’s infrastructure, including in our national parks. Shenandoah was, in fact, the first national park to benefit from the CCC. During the early years of the Park, 10 CCC camps dotted the landscape, housing 1,000 CCC boys. The CCC boys built trails, picnic ground and comfort stations.

Of the 1,000 structures, only two still stand in Shenandoah National Park, and only one has been in consistent use since its creation in 1935: the Pinnacles Research Facility. Every year, hundreds of visiting researchers, volunteers, and NGOs use Pinnacles to host trainings, launch research projects, and support volunteer initiatives. There is no other facility of its kind in Shenandoah National Park.

The 1930s building is in dire need of rehabilitation, and its circa 1960s furnishings and appliances need to be replaced.

A leaky roof, deteriorating building footers, and dozens of poorly operating windows make the building energy inefficient and unappealing. In 2013, the Shenandoah National Park Trust provided $30,000 to repair the foundation and footers as the first phase of the restoration. The next phase includes window replacement, new flooring and countertops, interior and exterior paint, and appliance and furniture replacement. The restoration will honor the era of the building while upgrading the facility to make it more functional for users.

We anticipate a total cost of approximately $200,000.

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