Current Projects

Together, we can bring these exciting initiatives to Shenandoah National Park.

  • Preserving Assets


    Our national parks protect some of America’s most valuable natural and historical assets. Shenandoah National Park harbors 200,000 acres of globally significant landscapes, endangered plants and wildlife, and National Historic Landmarks. Protecting these assets is important for the health of our ecosystems, the preservation of our country’s history, and the economic vitality of our region. […]

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  • Advancing Education


    Today’s youth are tomorrow’s stewards of our natural world. We must reach children at an early age to begin building their relationship with nature, and stick with them as they grow up.  The challenges are great—as we compete with the lure of technology and sedentary play. The Trust supports an array of educational programs that begin […]

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  • Connecting People to Their Park


    “Relevancy” is a key word in the National Park Service vernacular. How do national parks remain relevant in today’s society, where all of us are pulled in a million directions and demands on our time and attention are endless?  Shenandoah must work tirelessly to maintain connection to its current visitors and users while also developing […]

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  • Enhancing the National Park Service

    Superintendents Funds1

    It takes approximately 200 employees to run Shenandoah National Park. These employees range from backcountry Rangers to education specialists to maintenance staff. They provide recreation and educational programs, road and trail maintenance, operate waste water treatment facilities, protect wildlife, ensure visitor safety, and so much more. A world-class national park like Shenandoah needs—and deserves—world-class employees.  […]

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