Ticket To Ride

TicketTo Ride1

Across the country, school budgets are shrinking. As a result, field trips are less abundant. This is especially true for Title I schools.

Many urban and under-served kids never get to roam very far from their immediate surroundings.  Their life experiences are limited.  For these children, a trip to a national park can be life-changing. Ticket to Ride is a way to help these children and their teachers overcome one of the greatest barriers to exploring the world outside their immediate environs: transportation costs.  Ticket to Ride provides transportation funding to Title I schools for field trips to Shenandoah National Park.  The goal of the program is to provide underserved youth respite from their surroundings, an introduction to their national park, and an educational experience outside the classroom. The hope, of course, is that this is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with their park.