New Junior Ranger Program

JuniorRanger3Junior Ranger is designed to get elementary school-aged children exploring the park with a Park Ranger and their families.  Currently, Shenandoah’s Junior Ranger Program consists of an introductory, educational talk, led by a Park Ranger, and a workbook. When the child has completed the workbook and has it checked by a Park Ranger, the Ranger then leads the child in an oath to protect the park. S/he also receives a Junior Ranger badge. 

Each year, thousands of children engage in Shenandoah National Park’s Junior Ranger Program. However, our park has realized that its workbook is very long—and many children are unable to complete it on their visit. The Trust will therefore fund the re-design of Shenandoah’s Junior Ranger Program. The new design will include Shenandoah-specific activities that engage participants both intellectually and physically. Activities may include art, music, physical and sensory excursions, math, creative writing, observation, problem-solving and critical thinking.  The booklet will be available throughout the park and on the park’s website. The program will be designed so that children can participate and earn their Junior Ranger badge year-round, with or without attending a Ranger-led program.