Research Fellowships

The Trust awards an annual grant to a research fellow whose work will add to the park’s understanding of its wildlife, natural areas or history. The research results are instrumental in assisting park employees with resource protection planning. The most recent awardees include:

Dr. Jessica Rykken, Harvard University: Dr. Rykken is studying the status of Shenandoah National Park’s pollinators and creating a process that enables “citizen scientists” to continue monitoring these populations annually.

Dr. Christine May, James Madison University: Acid rain and other air pollutants ultimately deposit in lakes, river sand streams. Dr. May is investigating the health of Shenandoah’s native trout based on the health of regional air quality.

Your philanthropy in 2017 will support Ellen Frondorf, a graduate student at Bemidji State University in Minnesota, in her study of oak and pine tree regeneration following the 10,000-acre Rocky Mount wildfire in Shenandoah National Park in April 2016.