What’s New for 2014?


Opportunities abound to support your park in 2014! Here are some of the projects you can help deliver:
  1. Kids in Parks, an exciting activity-based program that turns hikes into adventures for kids. A colorful new kiosk with brochures and activities will identify the park’s new TRACK Trail in 2014. Stay tuned to find out which trail will earn this designation.

  2. Native Plants Now!, an effort to bolster our park’s ability to propagate and plant native plants in areas that have been cleared of invasive, exotic species–so that the non-native plants don’t get the chance to re-establish themselves.

  3. Expert in Residence, a fund that will enable our park to bring in scientists, cultural resource rehabilitators, and other experts to assist with critical projects.

  4. New Junior Ranger Program to create a new workbook that will be easier for kids to complete during their visit to Shenandoah. The current book is too lengthy–and we want kids to experience the success of completion and be able to earn their Junior Ranger badges.

  5. Teacher-Ranger-Teacher, a program that connects students in Title I schools with Shenandoah National Park through their teachers–who become honorary Park Rangers and, through working in the national park during their summer break, collect new skills and programs and a love for the park that they bring back to their students in the form of new curricula and a National Parks Week event.

  6. Benches at Lewis Mountain, creating a gathering place for visitors to learn the fascinating story of this historically segregated portion of our park.
Your year-end gift will help us launch these 2014 projects. Make your donation here. Your park and the Trust thank you!