Tree Cages!


Many thanks to the volunteers who worked with us this spring to build wire cages to protect native red oak saplings being planted at Loft Mountain. Our hearty band of builders constructed over 250 cages!

These outings are part of the Trust’s initiative to help the park to control invasive, non-native plants and re-establish native species in high-priority areas. These exotic plants grow quickly, out-competing native plants for sunlight, water and soil nutrients. As they take over an area, they alter wildlife habitat and food sources, decrease the park’s biodiversity and weaken its ecosystems.

We’ve joined forces—and funding—with multiple partners to get this critical work done: the National Park Service, the Shenandoah National Park Trust, The Nature Conservancy and the BAND Foundation will invest $700,000 in this project over the next five years. This funding includes a $50,000 matching grant from the BAND Foundation. Can you help us match it? Donate here.