Restoring Your Forest: A Matching Grant Opportunity

Don’t be fooled by a pretty name.Multiflora rose sounds sweet, but the truth is, this plant is one of over 300 non-native species that has invaded Shenandoah National Park–choking out native species, diminishing biodiversity and altering wildlife habitat and food sources. Controlling invasive plants is one of our park’s greatest challenges.With generous support from individual donors, foundations and The Nature Conservancy, the Shenandoah National Park Trust is helping fund a five-year initiative to control invasive, non-native plants and re-establish native species in high priority areas in the park. Many of these areas harbor endangered native plants.

The BAND Foundation has pledged $50,000 to support this initiative, provided that the Shenandoah National Park Trust match the grant. Will you help us meet this match? Donate now. Then join us in the park on March 23 to build tree cages to protect native saplings the park is planting in areas that have been cleared of invasives. Call 434-293-2728 or email for more information and to register.