Visitor Spotlight

“Dear Shenandoah Park:  I am 7 years old and my family loves your park. Love, Sean Forsythe.”

That was the hand-written note that accompanied two $5 bills addressed to the Trust.  The money came straight from Sean’s piggy bank.

Sean lives in Richmond, Virginia with his parents and little brother, Patrick. Avid outdoorsmen and travelers, the Forsythes have a cabin in the town of Shenandoah in Page County and are frequent visitors to Shenandoah National Park.

Sean’s favorite hike is Stony Man. (A great hike for families with young children: a relatively easy climb with stunning views at the summit.) He never grows tired of searching for the face in the mountain, jumping off the crooked tree growing through the rocks and hiding in tree hollows.

Sean’s parents, Jessica and George, stress the value of philanthropy with their boys. Sean and Patrick dedicate one-third of their weekly allowance to charity, each boy choosing where to donate his gift at year’s end. Sean chose Shenandoah National Park Trust this year because, in his words, “Shenandoah Park is my favorite place.”

Shenandoah National Park Trust is honored to have been chosen as Sean’s designated charity this year and look forward to hiking Stony Man and many other trails with Sean and his family in the years to come.