News Category: November 2011

  • Winter in Shenandoah

    Clear skies and bare trees make winter in Shenandoah a magical experience. You’ll enjoy unobstructed vistas and wildlife tracks in fresh snow. While Shenandoah National Park is open year-round, Skyline Drive is sometimes closed due to weather conditions. Prepare before you go: call the park (540-999-3500) and/or check their website to ensure that Skyline Drive […]

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  • Marys Rock

    No one knows for sure how Marys Rock got its name. One story claims that Francis Thornton wed Mary Savage and brought her up the mountain to show her the lands they would own together. Another legend claims that Thornton had a daughter named Mary, who climbed the mountain and came back with a bear […]

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  • Shenandoah National Park: It’s a family affair


    When Congress authorized the creation of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, it was with the condition that no federal dollars would be spent and that the land had to be donated to the federal government. Mr. Coner Yates, a dairy farmer from Culpeper, had a keen sense that establishing a national park in this part […]

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