Dark Hollow Falls

Dark Hollow Falls, milepost 50.7Of all the waterfalls in the park, Dark Hollow Falls is the easiest to get to, with a round-trip hike of only 1.4 miles.  The trail is beautiful.  You’ll see many pools and cascades in the stream as the sound of the water gradually grows louder.  There are a few benches and boulders beside the trail, if you wish to rest on the way.  In 0.6 of a mile, the top of the falls is visible from a viewing platform.  However, if you descend another 0.1 mile on a steeper section of the trail, you’ll find that the falls are much more impressive when viewed from below:  a series of rushing and frothing cascades, glistening  in the sunlight filtering through the trees.  Having just hiked this trail at the Rededication Ceremony, we can attest to not only its beauty, but its relative ease.  Keep in mind: located right outside Big Meadows Lodge, the trail can be a bit crowded.