News Category: November 2010

  • Update on Shenandoah’s 75th

    Shenandoah is the third east coast national park in line for a 75th anniversary: Great Smoky Mountains National Park turned 75 last year, Blue Ridge Parkway is just completing its 75th anniversary year and 2011 marks Shenandoah’s jubilee year. To commemorate this succession, Shenandoah’s anniversary celebration began with a “passing of the torch” from the […]

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  • Why I give

    Living near the Everglades as a child was Janet Eden’s first exposure to national parks, and she has been a fan ever since. Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Great Smokies and of course, Shenandoah, are among her favorite destinations.  In fact, her decision to move to Central Virginia in 2008 was based in part on its proximity […]

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